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Adam Blainey

Meet Adam Blainey, the co-founder of the team that delivers Vancouver Islands #1 drone pilot service.

Adam Blainey has 20 years experience in lots of things.

He started working in master control for CBC affiliate in Terrace, BC, then went on to run master control for 5 years at CHUM’s The New VI in Victoria, BC, a $25M state of the art TV station.

He went on to freelance for Sky News, and BT, in the UK.

Adam has been experimenting with live stream technology since 2001. Do you remember QuickTime Darwin Server and “road pizza”? Adam does.

He is best known as being a Swiss-army knife of live streaming, quick on his feet, and able to get almost anything done.

He’s got a rabbit in his hat when it comes to live streaming.

Adam is a Transport Canada advanced operations certified drone (RPAS) pilot.

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John MacKenzie

Meet John MacKenzie, the co-founder of the team that delivers Vancouver Islands #1 live stream video production service.

Our team has over 40 years combined experience working in live broadcast television, film, and live streaming, From major TV stations like CBC, CHUM, Shaw, Sky News, British Eurosport, BT, and Cinesite, and we have live streamed major events like Anarchapulco.

You will feel confident working with us to produce your live stream events whether you are a seasoned pro, like us, or new to the exciting world of live streaming.